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About River Birchall

"In a world full of darkness, be a lighthouse." ~ River Birchalll Foundation

River is a beloved son, nephew, grandson, cousin, and best friend to many and loyal friend to all. River was born in Clovis, CA on August 14, 1997 and moved with his mother, Brittany, to Santa Cruz County the summer before 2nd grade. He attended school at Main Street Elementary, New Brighton Middle School, and graduated from Soquel High School in 2016. River's exploration, development, and passion through sports, art, and music included playing Little League baseball, wrestling on his junior high and high school teams, practicing mixed martial arts, including Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling, and he was a self-taught musician with some influence from his mother and uncle. River played the piano, guitar, melodica, and as a young adult, he really enjoyed creating and writing his own music digitally. River loved art, drawing, ceramics in Mr. Epperson's class, and creating projects in metal shop with Mrs. Hilderbrand at Soquel High School. He grew up participating in Capitola Junior Lifeguards, Pool Guards in Santa Cruz, and River became first aid certified before he entered high school independent of both of those entities in a course that he completed with his mother. River studied jazz appreciation at Cabrillo Junior college and with hard work aced the class as he was passionate about the subject and studying. He was an avid skateboarder his entire life, and during his final year on Earth began surfing again. River loved nature and all animals, especially his dog, Mango and cat, Cheetah. 

River's kindness and compassion towards those in his life showed up in the form of having many who consider him their best friend. He is humble, full of love and light, extremely generous, and an all around bright light in this world. River spent 2 and half years going on 3, working for as a full time caregiver for Imagine Supported Living Services in Santa Cruz County, where he was paired up with Julian, who ended up becoming another one of his best friends. 

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