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Woodward West Skate Camp Scholarship Application

Woodward West

WOODWARD WEST is a premier skateboard camp located in Stallion Springs, California situated in the Tehachapi Mountains. Skaters have upwards of 2 hours a day of personal training from staff. They move into 9 hours a day to work on all things they have learned with skaters at their general level. They compete in contests and have other fun ways to improve their skills. Basically, they skate all day in parks that feature quarter pipes and rails to the Mega Ramp. Hanging out with Pro's and industry people in addition to the training is a recipe for success.

The TIM BRAUCH FOUNDATION believes that when kids are physically active and are engaged in a positive value based leadership program like WOODWARD WEST skateboard camp, the more they will integrate and utilize the benefits of character building, independence and initiative skills in all areas of their lives. The TIM BRAUCH FOUNDATION also believes that WOODWARD WEST has similar core values and has positive adult and teen role models.

Woodward West Skate Camp Scholarship Application: Programs
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