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Board of Directors and Junior Board Members

This would not be possible without the mentorship of Cindi Busenhart and everyone at The Tim Brauch Foundation. A huge thank you to our board of directors, board members, junior board members, and volunteers.


Brittany Birchall

Founder, President

Brittany Birchall is the Founder and Chair of the River Birchall Foundation, as well as a board member for the Tim Brauch Foundation. She is the assistant principal at New Brighton Middle School and coaches fitness classes at West Fitness Santa Cruz. She has her master's degree in Educational Leadership, and she hopes to use her skills towards helping River's nonprofit thrive. Brittany joined the board for the Tim Brauch Foundation in June of 2021. She is looking forward to collaborating with the Tim Brauch Foundation under which the River Birchall Foundation operates. She knows that the River Birchall Foundation will bring a slice of positivity, love, mentorship, and leadership through skateboarding, the arts, music, and MMA to adolescents and young adults in our community in honor of her true love, her son River.


Laura Eiselstein

Vice President

Laura is the Vice President of the River Birchall Foundation. She met Brittany when her daughter, Nahla, had her as her 6th Grade teacher. They became instant and life-long friends. She has her Bachelor's Degree, and has completed a California Teaching Credential program. She works at the Seascape Sports Club. As someone who loves playing and watching different sports, she feels that she will bring support and love to this Foundation and to the kids and young adults that have a passion for skateboarding, the arts, MMA, and music, just as River does.


Coleen Porter Birchall


Coleen is practice manager for the largest primary care group in the Fresno area. She is used to being in charge of multiple people while keeping everyone happy and everything organized. She enjoys traveling, wine tasting, and spending time with family. Coleen is on the board because she wants to have a hand in the foundation and help all the people that the foundation will be able to reach. 


Claire Porter

Chief Financial Officer

Claire is currently a Kinesiology student at Fresno State with minors in Child and Family Sciences and Deaf Studies with an end goal of medical school. She has always been good at math and numbers, so she is excited to be finance officer! She loves reading, watching movies, and being creative. Claire wanted to be on this board because she loves helping people, especially with a great cause, and is interested in being involved in the business aspect of the foundation. 


Paul Birchall

Director of Communications & Community Outreach

Coming Soon!

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Karyn Birchall

Board Member

Coming Soon!


Isaac Birchall

Board Member

Coming Soon!


Chelsea Friesen

Community Outreach

Coming Soon!


Brenna Crosser

Community Outreach Coordinator & Board Member

Brenna is a board member for the River Birchall Foundation. She is pursuing her BSN and intends to function as part of an emergency department or labor and delivery unit. Brenna is a board member in honor of River. She recognizes his positivity, graciousness, forgiving nature, and fun and oh so lovely disposition. She wants to encourage the youth in our community to engage in all variations of sports and exercise, to get out into the community and meet new and good friends, to learn an instrument, to bring to life what River valued so highly. Live fully, embrace each other, the new and unknown. <3


Nahla Eiselstein

Junior Board Member

Nahla is a Junior Board Member. She goes to Aptos High School, and is involved with Dance, Cheer, and Volleyball. She loves surfing and skateboarding. Her favorite place to surf is Capitola. Her favorite food is sushi, and she loves cats. She wants to go to college in Santa Barbara. She's excited to be a Junior Board Member for the River Birchall Foundation. She loves seeing kids and young adults show interest and love for all the things River loves, and helping their dreams come alive through River's nonprofit.

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Mackenzie Birchall

Board Member

Coming Soon!


Brayden Birchall

Board Member

Coming Soon!

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Paul Porter

Board Member

Coming Soon!


Chelsea Jamison

Board Member

Coming Soon!


London Friesen

Junior Board Member

London Friesen is a high school student in Texas. She dances for her school's dance team and enjoys both time spent inside, when she'll likely be reading, and time out with friends. She appreciates English as well as math, and hopes to combine her interests to study something that will take her traveling in her future. London is on the committee for the help she hopes to offer young people to find and follow their passions: an opportunity for self-expression that everyone deserves.


Laila Sanders

Junior Board Member

Coming Soon!


Cana Taylor

Junior Board Member

Cana is a student at Rio Del Mar Elementary. She loves to swim, play volleyball, dance, and bake. Cana has been on the junior board for Tim Brauch Foundation 2021 and the River Birchall Foundation since 2022.  She wants to be part of the non profit organization because she wants to learn about how a business works and collaborates.


Rylie Dresser

Junior Board Member

Rylie has lived in Santa Cruz her whole life. She is a student at Rio Del Mar Elementary, and she is a junior board member for the River Birchall Foundation and theTim Brauch Foundation. She loves to play volleyball and soccer, and she loves to hang out with her friends. Rylie also loves surfing and the beach. Rylie decided to be a part of these non profits because she hopes they will help her get into a good collage and teach her more about the business side of things so she can run a business of her own when she is older.


Ellie Hardesty

Junior Board Member

Ellie has lived in Santa Cruz her whole life and enjoys competitive soccer, volleyball, softball, and baking. She is a junior board member in the Tim Brauch Foundation and the River Birchall Foundation. Ellie loves to hang out with friends, bike around her neighborhood, and absolutely loves going camping. She wants to be a part of the non-profits because she wants to learn more about how to run a non-profit and about the leadership and business side of things.

Who We Are : Meet the Team
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