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Ways to Donate and Scholarships

Support the River Birchall Foundation by making a financial contribution. Your donation helps fulfill our goal of creating scholarship programs that rewards those who show integrity, kindness, dedication, and curiosity towards ones passion, and helping others, while meeting life's challenges with perseverance and a good heart.

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Financially Contribute to the River Birchall Foundation

Your donation creates scholarships for adolescents and young and adults in the following 4 categories: skateboarding, art, music, and mixed martial arts. When you support the River Birchall Foundation you are participating in a scholarship program that rewards those who show integrity, kindness, and a passion towards their friendships, family, and or community by approaching the challenges of life with perseverance, independence, creativity, and integrity.  Shoot us an email at


Woodward West Skate Camp Scholarship Application

Applications to receive a scholarship to Woodward West Skate Camp coming soon!

Sponsored Skateboard Athlete: Marco Chavez wearing the River Fisheye t-shirt.


Music and Art Related Scholarships

Music and art related scholarships coming soon! Please email any questions or if you'd like to support this part of our mission: 

Erika Rosendale: Local artist and award winning Santa Cruz Waves Swellies muralist for River's mural voted best mural in Santa Cruz at Bill's Wheels Skateshop 2022. 

Application Link Coming Soon!
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Mixed Martial Art Scholarships

Applications for mixed martial art related scholarships are coming soon! Please email with any questions or to learn how to apply or to make a financial contribution:

Photographed: River Birchall wrestling photo

Application Link Coming Soon!
What We Do : Programs

Mental Health and Wellness

"In a world full of darkness, be a lighthouse."

The River Birchall Foundation offers scholarships for those seeking alternative means to health and wellness, whether through accunpuncture for emotional wellness, hypnotherapy, traditional talk therapy, and even fitness related opportunities. If you are in need of support, we want to help. Please email: info@riverbirchallfoundation to learn more. We want to support you on your journey, so if you have access to support without the financial means, please ask! Applications coming soon.

Application Link Coming Soon
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